Welcome to Betsy’s Raw Food!

We know everyone works differently, so we’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions below for you to have a look through and hopefully it’ll answer any questions you may have. For anything not listed, more specific, or to request more detail please do message us directly.


I’ve placed an order for collection, when can I collect?
Collections are available every Saturday between 9am – 12pm from our unit in Fengate, Peterborough.


How do I know how much to feed my dog?
We have an online calculator which is free to use and we do not store any details.


What do I start my dog on when switching to a raw diet?
We have an online starter guide which you can find here: www.betsysrawfood.com/


Are all your foods complete?
Firstly, it’s a big task to call any individual meal ‘complete’, we feel a more appropriate term is ‘complimentary’.
Secondly, not all our meals follow the 80:10:10 method, but we have listed all ingredients fully on our website under each page for that particular protein.


Can I feed the food frozen?
Some dogs actually prefer their raw still frozen, however others like it to be served at room temperature. This is something you may have to investigate with trial and error with your own dog(s). But yes, its perfectly safe to feed the food frozen.


How long can I leave the food in the fridge for?
Once defrosted, the food should be used within two to three days.


How long can I leave the food in the freezer for?
On the back of every Betsy’s tub is a sticker with a batch code, and a use by date. The food will last frozen for a year. You’ll see the specific use by date on that individual tub.


Can I heat the food up?
Cooking the food actually kills of a lot of the benefits found in the raw meat, so no, we wouldn’t suggest heating it up.


Why should I give my dog different proteins?
A dog eating the same protein every day will not get all the benefits that they would vs a varied diet. Different proteins / meats contain different benefits, so it’s ideal to try and feed at least 5 meats over the course of a month.


Help! I forgot to get my food out, how can I defrost it quickly?
Please do not defrost in the microwave, or warm up. You can place our tub in a re-usable plastic tub, and simply put in a sink full of cool water. It’ll defrost fairly quickly. If you need to keep your dog occupied whilst you’re waiting for the food to defrost, you could offer something like a raw carrot, or maybe some plain yoghurt in a licki-mat.


I’ve placed an order on your website but a delivery option isn’t coming up. Why?
It’s highly likely you haven’t ordered enough to meet our requirements to receive delivery. We need you to order at least 6kg before we can send the food out. This is purely to ensure our product stays frozen and doesn’t defrost in transit.