About Us

Someone recently asked us "what makes you the best?"

We don't say we're the best. How do you put a stamp on your product that qualifies as the best, when raw feeding can be so full of variety?

However. We do say that we work incredibly hard to give you a quality product. We do source responsibly, keeping our product consistent for you. We are environmentally conscious, which you'll see in our packaging.

We do have fun, stay focused, keep driven, and are forever determined to advocate raw feeding.


Taking her role as chief taste-tester very seriously, Betsy is the reason we started our journey into manufacturing raw dog food. She is always receiving top marks for being the most akward dog to photograph.


Finance Director and Chief Dogs Body, Matt is always on hand to help with all that (boring) business stuff. He also has a really nice bobbly hat for when there's work to be done in the freezer.


It's all hands on deck in production and Kerry is right in the thick of it. She also ensures we don't get too low on stock and sourced items to help the ship run smoothly.


Heading up production, Mel is our super-speedy worker. What can be done in ten minutes, is usually completed in five thanks to Mel. Maybe it's something to do with all those energy drinks he consumes.


Apprentice Niamh not only gets involved in production, she's also getting creative with working on some epic marketing strategies. Plus, she makes a cracking cup of tea.


Happiest in the freezer making sure everything is stacked and stocked correctly, our Operations Manager James is responsible for overseeing the production team and making sure everything ticks over smoothly.


Carla is our Marketing and Design Director and with over ten years experience she knows a thing or two about making products look pretty. You'll usually find her at a dog show in her spare time.